GLP is specialized in a wide range of technological fields, including mechanics, medical devices, material science, biotech, chemistry, electrical equipment, electronics, semiconductors, computer software and hardware, textiles and telecommunications.

The consultancy given by our attorneys to our Clients ranges from evaluating the patentability of any innovation or new technical solution, through drafting patent applications for industrial inventions and utility models, to assisting Clients in administrative prosecutions of oppositions, both active and passive, but also in drawing up FTOs (Freedom to Operate), and in analysis of pre-patenting strategy.

Our attorneys can boast many decades of experience, and are registered to practice before the European Patent Office (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) and the Republic of San Marino's Patent and Trademark Office (USBM).

All the staff working in the Patent Department is highly qualified and specialized in all the steps subsequent to filing patent applications in Europe, Italy, Republic of San Marino and all over the world.

In particular, our services also include the following:

  • Evaluating the patentability of an innovative idea.
  • Studying, drafting and filing: International (PCT, OAPI, …) and European (EP) patent applications for industrial inventions, Italian patent applications for industrial inventions and utility models, applications for industrial inventions in the Republic of San Marino.
  • Prosecuting patents for industrial inventions and utility models in all the commercially relevant countries, through a well-established net of agents.
  • Assisting in examination procedures to obtain the granting of a patent.
  • Representing Clients in opposition procedures, both active and passive, subsequent to the granting of a patent.
  • Prosecuting of international (PCT) applications into national and/or regional phases.
  • Validating of the national parts of European patents.
  • Checking and managing patent portfolios for maintenance and renewal, both automatically, under a subscription system, and non-automatically.
  • We carry out searches on inventions, using criteria such as name and/or subject. The search can be aimed at identifying the following: list of patents according to the inventor and/or applicant thereof; status report; validity; comparable prior art documents; state of the art at a certain date or concerning a particular subject.
  • Retrieving patents and patent-related file histories.
  • Carrying out a continuous or periodic surveillance on patents, using criteria such as name and/or subject.
  • Analizing competitors' technological level through a surveillance service on newly published patent applications to detect those filed by competitors.
  • Developing technology, know-how and patent protection programs.
  • Examining competitors' patent portfolios to identify the field of protection thereof.
  • Collaborating with R&D departments in designing new devices, systems or methods when there are conflicting patent titles.
  • Providing technical and/or legal opinions on the content of Clients' and third parties' patents, and relative assistance in legal actions.
  • Making economic evaluations of individual patents and/or patent portfolios.
  • Assisting in organizing a service within Companies, to actively manage patents, designs or models and trademarks.
  • Assisting in defining a Company policy intended to innovate and improve the know-how, and also to protect and defend it.
  • Assisting for transfers or acquisitions of patent portfolios and IP-related licenses.
  • Providing training courses on patents, unfair competition, secrecy and confidentiality for technical-commercial personnel within interested Companies.

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