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GLP is a strategic partner, precise and reliable. We collaborate with our Clients in the complex and structured journey that leads to innovation and protection of innovation.

At GLP we always try to establish an active collaboration with our Clients, so as to satisfy their real needs, creating an indissoluble relationship of trust between partners that has allowed us to grow through a process of "word of mouth". In this way we have gone beyond the borders of Italy and established ourselves first in Europe, then in the US and finally in Asia.

The diversity of our Clients means that all our staff have to deal with a plurality of problems, ensuring that every Client is always given the best strategies, updated and applied, depending on targets that have been discussed, shared and defined.

In Intellectual Property the Client can verify the quality of the consultancy he has received only when he finds himself in a lawsuit, and this occurs only in 5% of cases. GLP acts as if this verification were applied on all cases, and it is for this reason that we are committed to the highest quality, both in consultancy and in drawing up patent documents, and in filing trademarks or designs. Our aim is always to give a real quality to our services: as a result, some of our patent texts have been given as examples of best practice in national and international publications.

We believe that Intellectual Property is a fundamental tool for the growth and development, firstly of an economic system and then of a national economic system. For this reason, for more than forty years, GLP has written publications that are distributed free-of-charge, and we continue to organize and promote events, courses and seminars.

The results obtained by GLP are the fruits of a visceral passion for the subject and a rigorous search for the highest perfection. For these reasons, today, the Group manages more than 7,200 Clients and a portfolio of more than 90,000 cases.

The dedication of the whole Group has certainly contributed to obtaining results that are widely recognized: this makes GLP a European player of the first degree.


EU IP Codes 2.0 is the brand new version of the first application to consult all the European and Italian Regulations on Industrial Property in one app.


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