GLP is specialized in protecting designs and models, which allows our Clients to protect the external appearance of the goods they intend to produce.

GLP is able to use its know-how, the fruit of years of consultancy, in a wide range of fields ranging from fashion, furnishing, automobiles, electronic devices and many many more.

The consultancy given to our Clients by our attorneys ranges from assessing the protectability of a design or model, filing the title on a European, Italian and international level, and includes a continuous surveillance of the title and an economic assessment thereof.

Consultancy extends to a pre-filing analysis intended to limit, as far as possible, any overlapping with prior art documents. It also includes filing strategies intended not only to optimize the protection in the territory, but also to limit grant procedures which, in some countries, are particularly expensive.

Every year we prepare and file hundreds of applications for registering designs or models, mainly for the white goods, furnishing and lighting industry, according to the procedures of the International Designs, Italian Designs or Models, Republic of San Marino's Designs or Models.

Our services also include the following:

  • Evaluating whether a design or model may be protected.
  • Studying, preparing and filing applications for: European Community Designs, International Designs, Italian Designs or Models, Designs or Models in the Republic of San Marino.
  • Prosecuting applications for the registration of designs or models all over the world, through a well-established net of agents.
  • Assisting in examination procedures to obtain the registration of a design or model.
  • Representing Clients in procedures to annul the registration of designs or models.
  • Checking and managing designs or models for maintenance and renewal.
  • Carrying out searches among designs or models for similar or identical designs or models in specific countries or groups of countries.
  • Carrying out a continuous or periodic surveillance on designs or models, using criteria such as name and/or subject.
  • Providing technical and/or legal opinions on Clients' and third parties' designs or models, and relative assistance in legal actions.
  • Assisting for the transfer of individual designs or models and/or design or model portfolios.
  • Assisting in preparing license agreements for designs or models.
  • Providing training courses on designs or models for technicalcommercial personnel within interested Companies.
  • Making economic evaluations of individual designs or models and/or design or model portfolios.

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