Daniele Giovanni Petraz

Co-managing Partner GLP

Daniele joins GLP in 1997 after working as a patent engineer in one of Vienna’s main IP firms (Austria). In 1999, he takes charge of the opening of GLP’s office in Milan and subsequently he played an important role in the development of the Firm. Daniele graduated in Industrial Engineering at the University Politecnico of Milan.

Since 2004 he is Partner of the firm and he is in charge of the financial management of the firm. On daily basis Daniele helps Clients with strategic consultancy on IP matters related to the development of new products and on prosecution strategies.

The international outlook and the combination of business skills and IP knowledge have allowed him to be appreciated for the competence and the effectiveness of his job.

As head of the International Department of the firm, he regularly attends conferences and seminars all over the world.

He also has strong skills in analysis and evaluation of intangible IP assets.

Daniele acts as Director in various companies in Italy and abroad.

Daniele is author of various publications related to Intellectual Property and is a lecturer on IP related topics.

Apart from being member of the board and technical committee of the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, he is also member of AIPPI, INTA and AIDB.

  • Co-managing partner
  • Head of the administrative and management department
  • Head of International department
  • New business development
  • Doctor of Management and Production Engineering specialized in Information Technology
  • Lecturer of Intellectual Property at the University of Udine
  • Member of AIPPI, INTA and AIDB

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